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Application Notes available for the PiXi

The following list is based on some of the applications & projects that we've either built ourselves or projects or functions that we’ve received enquiries about.

AN-001: Beginners guide to the PiXi

AN-002: Programming the FPGA on the PiXi

AN-003: FPGA development on the PiXi

AN-004: Connecting an LCD or Vacuum Fluorescent Display to the PiXi

AN-005: Using the GPIO on the PiXi

AN-006: Using the Serial Interface on the PiXi

AN-007: Using the Analogue Interface on the PiXi

AN-008: Connecting an ArduinoTM compatible ‘Shield’ to the PiXi

AN-009: Using the Motion Sensors on the PiXi

AN-010: Migrating from the PiXi Rev 1.0b to Rev 2.0

AN-011: Using the PiXi to control a 'hobby Servo'

AN-012: Adding an external I2C device to the PiXi

AN-013: Adding more serial interfaces to the PiXi

AN-014: Adding an external SPI interface to the PiXi

AN-015: Connecting a Digilent PMOD compatible device to the PiXi

AN-016: Using the PiXi to interface to Lego Mindstorm NXT Servos & sensors

AN-017: Accessing the non-volatile user storage area on the PiXi SPI-Flash

AN-018: Using the LEDs & Switches on the PiXi

AN-019: Introducing the PiXi Experimenter

AN-025: SPI & I2C Register Map for the PiXi