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What is the PiXi-200?

The PiXi-200 was designed to expand the I/O capabilities of the Raspberry Pi and provide a low-cost means of introducing the user to the world of digital electronics and FPGA technology while at the same time give the 'Pi enthusiast' a little more to play with or even provide a basis for some product development.

It started out as a development platform for the AstroCam project which is featured here as a separate project but it rapidly grew into something that looked like it could become an exciting new add-on for the Raspberry Pi.

It was designed with the intention that it should be a low-cost, fully assembled & tested add-on to a Raspberry Pi that would expand the I/O capabilities a little further and provide a few interesting features of its own. It’s designed to sit directly on top of the Raspberry Pi and has similar board dimensions to the Pi so that it doesn’t significantly increase the footprint of the Raspberry Pi.

Target Applications:

Example Projects:

Some of the projects we considered when we first came up with the concept for the PiXi board plus some of the project ideas submitted to us.

A more complete list of example projects can be found here:
If you have an idea for a project that you think could benefit from a PiXi-200 then we would love to hear from you with details of your idea or plans. Please email us at with as much detail of the project as you're happy to share with us that we could include on our PiXi-200 Projects page.

Current Status:
(Updated 7th June, 2014) The PiXi-2.0 is here! As you can see from the picture on the home page and pictures in the gallery, the latest model (2.0) is finally in our hands. Over the next few weeks we’ll be testing the product and creating a few more example projects before launching our Kickstarter project.

We'd welcome any feedback you might have or any ideas on how we might improve the specification of the PiXi-200. Please feel free to email us at: